Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our site uses cookies to improve the features it offers. Cookies are data that are saved on your device and allow the site to keep some information about you for better navigation. By clicking on the button « I accept », you accept the use of cookies (article 6, 1, a of the GDPR). You can cancel this approval at any time by clicking on the button « Cookie Policy » located at the bottom right of your screen. In case you do not want to allow cookies, the use of certain features may be affected.

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Google Analytics

For purely statistical purposes, we use Google Analytics and Matomo (Piwik) in order to be able to determine site traffic on a daily basis. To do this, Google Analytics and Matomo use a cookie that allows to trace the activity of the user on the website. This cookie enables to produce anonymous statistics which will be based solely on navigation. The IP address is part of the data collected but we are committed to anonymize it. This cookie will expire automatically 1 month after the acceptance of the Google Analytics and Matomo tracking (a new confirmation will be requested).


You agree that Multitel collects and uses the personal data you have entered in the registration form in order to send you communications about its products/services or personalized marketing offers. In accordance with our privacy policy, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the link displayed at the bottom of the page of the received emails.

Personal Information

All data about the user collected through cookies or forms of the site are stored in our database only if he/she has agreed in advance. This information will not be used in conditions other than those that the user has accepted. The user has the right of examination on each information concerning him/her: he/she can consult, modify or delete them whenever he/she wants and without having to provide any reason to Multitel. To do this, the user can contact the responsible for data processing via the form below. In addition, he/she may also at any time introduce a complaint to the supervisory authority of his/her country (article 13, 2,d of the GDPR). Once the request is sent, the responsible will contact the user as soon as possible and provide him/her a file containing his/her personal information.

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