Accredited Tests KMC - MULTITEL provides SUBSET-KMC® which is testing on onboard KMC according to SUBSET-137.

In such context, the trials are performed using the Onboard using the packet switch interface of the radio communication module of the system under test.

The KMC is a digital twin of real KMC which interact with the different protocols foreseen by the norm. A PKI Server is also involved during the trials and a specific KMCLAB protocol was developed to MIMIC the user interactions over a KMC system and act as if the system was put into service, to perform degraded modes of interactions and much more. This Subset-KMC® is currently devoted to Onboard but it is technically extended to also support trials on RBC and real KMCs too.

Multitel is working for opportunities to extend its trials with such other devices. Please contact us if you need such trials to be designed accordingly.

MRL-KMS Environment: MRL interfaces all modules (KMC, PKI, DNS, EVC, RBC, IXL)